New data reveals that the Atlanta Falcons is the fourth cheapest NFL team to support

Journo Research

Thursday, December 7th, 2023

New data analysis has identified the cheapest NFL teams to support, with the Atlanta Falcons in fourth place. 

Experts at Japan-101 analyzed each of the 32 NFL teams to find the average ticket prices of 2023/24 games, beer and hotdog prices at each home stadium, and jersey prices to determine the cheapest teams to support.  

The ten cheapest US NFL teams to support  

Rank (cheapest to most expensive)  NFL Team  Total average spend ($) 
1   Houston Texans  379.14  
Arizona Cardinals 
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
Atlanta Falcons 
Cleveland Browns 
Indianapolis Colts 
Tennessee Titans 
New Orleans Saints 
Baltimore Ravens 
Chicago Bears 

Houston Texans, whose ground is NRG Stadium, is revealed to be the cheapest NFL team to support right now, with fans spending an average of just $379.14 for a ticket, beer, hotdog and jersey. Tickets to see the Houston Texans are the cheapest of all teams, costing an average of $230 at NRG Stadium; this is the first NFL facility to have a retractable roof to function as an open-air sports and performance centre, whatever the weather.  

The second cheapest team to support is the Arizona Cardinals, whose home ground is State Farm Stadium. As a Cardinals fan, you can expect to spend an average of $413.29, with tickets accounting for $261 of that. State Farm Stadium is known for its grass having the feel and playability of natural grass, which is rolled out from a single 40-inch-deep tray.  

Following in third on the list of cheapest NFL teams to support is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, costing a fan $421.79 on average. The team’s home ground, Raymond James Stadium, uniquely features a replica pirate ship which fires confetti and holds a crew of pirates on game days. 

The fourth cheapest NFL team to support is the Atlanta Falcons, whose home ground is Mercedes Benz Stadium. Fans spend $425.57 on average and can buy the cheapest hotdogs on the list at only $2. Mercedes Benz Stadium was North America’s first professional sports stadium to be awarded LEED Platinum Certification from the United States Green Building Council. 

In fifth place is the Cleveland Browns – whose home is FirstEnergy Stadium – costing fans an average of $436.39, with tickets accounting for $286 of this price. In 2013, the stadium underwent a modernization project, including new scoreboards, more seats, and an improved audio system, which cost approximately $120 million.  

The top five most expensive US NFL teams to support  

Rank (1 being most most expensive) 

NFL Team 

Total average spend ($) 


Las Vegas Raiders 



Philadelphia Eagles 



Kansas City Chiefs 



Detroit Lions 



Dallas Cowboys 


On the other end of the scale, the Las Vegas Raiders, whose home stadium is Allegiant Stadium, is the most expensive NFL team to support. Attending fans spend a whopping $1,318 on average here, this being over three times more than the cost for Houston Texans fans, as tickets alone cost $1,165. Allegiant Stadium features a translucent roof that allows illumination by natural light while protecting fans from the desert heat and sun.  

The Philadelphia Eagles is the second most expensive NFL team to support, costing fans an average of $1,009.84 to see the team in their home stadium, Lincoln Financial Field. To honor the team, the stadium canopy represents an Eagle’s wing as part of the asymmetrical seating design.  

The third most expensive NFL team to support is the Kansas City Chiefs, whose home ground is Arrowhead Stadium, which would cost fans $949.37 on average to attend. To support the Kansas City Chiefs, tickets cost $790 on average. The loudest crowd roar at a sports stadium was recorded at Arrowhead in 2014 by The Guinness World Record, where a peak decibel level of 142.2 was reached. 

Next is the Detroit Lions, in fourth place for the most expensive NFL teams to support. With Ford Field being the team’s home ground, fans spend $904.11 on average to attend their games, with jerseys costing $132.61. The entire south wall of the stadium is comprised of the 1920s Hudson Warehouse – a building that is over a hundred years old.  

The fifth most expensive NFL team to support is the Dallas Cowboys, whose home ground is AT&T Stadium. Fans spend an average of $887.29 to attend their games, with tickets costing $724. The stadium is technically considered a room, and with this in mind, it is known as the largest air-conditioned room in the world – so you’ll be kept cool in the hot weather and when the game becomes tense. 

Yuta Suzuki, content manager for Japan-101, commented on the findings: “It is interesting to see how drastically the average cost for fans differs between each NFL team. The Philadelphia Eagles are currently at the top of the Power Rankings, reflecting the high cost of attending their games. In contrast, the Arizona Cardinals have lost the most games as a team, reflecting the respective lower cost of attending their games.”