Georgia is Among the Top 10 States Addicted to TikTok

Journo Research

Thursday, January 11th, 2024

New data has revealed the states that are most obsessed with TikTok, based on Google search data – and Georgia has been named the fourth-most addicted state.

The ranking, created by QR Code Generator QRFY analyzed nationwide Google search volume behind 28 keywords related to TikTok – including ‘TikTok App’, ‘TikTok dances’, TikTok songs’ - to identify which states are most obsessed with the social media app.  

This volume was then scaled against each state’s population to determine where is searching for TikTok content the most - and where isn’t as interested. 

In 2019 and 2020, the social media platform TikTok rapidly gained popularity, fuelled by its addictive content and personalized algorithm. However, a recent survey from Surfshark found that 77.7% of US Generation Z users feel addicted to scrolling the app.

It’s clear that some parts of the US are more TikTok-obsessed than others, with the average monthly searches per 100k residents ranging from 2,252 to 5,202, depending on the state.

Claiming the top spot is California, which is no surprise given its massive presence of social media influencers and share-worthy shops, restaurants, and beaches. With an average monthly search volume of 5,202 per 100k residents, California is America’s TikTok hotspot.

In second place, the state of Nevada had a monthly search average of 4,983 per 100k residents, revealing a large proportion of their population find the app particularly addictive. 

Ranking in third place, New York had an average of 4,899 monthly searches per 100k residents. Clearly, the city that never sleeps is up all night watching TikTok.

The state of Georgia follows closely behind in the ranking, with 4,890 monthly searches per 100k people - just 9 searches fewer than New York. 

In fifth place with 4,872 searches each month per 100k residents, New Jersey has been revealed as another state that is clearly obsessed with TikTok. 

Top 10 States Most Obsessed with TikTok

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On the other end of the scale, the state of Wyoming ranked last, having searched for TikTok-related topics only 2,252 times each month per 100k people - a staggering 57% less than the most obsessed state, California.

Ranking as the second least TikTok-obsessed state is Montana, which only had 2,439 monthly searches on average per 100k people.

Other states that clearly aren’t caught up in the TikTok craze include Vermont, with 2,526 searches, South Dakota with 2,655 searches and Idaho, with just 2,666 searches per month. Evidently, these states are less addicted to sitting and scrolling on the app.

Overall, the nation reported an average monthly search volume of over 13 million for TikTok-related terms – so it’s clear the app is still a favored choice among Americans. In fact, since the app launched in 2016, it has had an estimated one billion monthly users worldwide.  

Interestingly, the study revealed a massive uptake in TikTok-related searches in March of 2023, with average monthly searches increasing nationally.

This was potentially due to the TikTok CEO, Shou Chew, testifying at a congressional hearing on the app’s privacy concerns, with many users intrigued by the court case. 

Speaking on the findings, CEO of QRFY Marc Porcar says: “This study highlights the nation’s ongoing obsession with TikTok, most notably in California where the influencer market is extremely saturated.

“The data pinpoints the areas most addicted to TikTok, and while the platform can be an amazing tool for sharing information and content across the globe, it can also tempt users to spend excessive amounts of time scrolling and consuming content that isn’t always beneficial for their mental health – especially if it prevents them from other activities.

“With this in mind, it is important users are using the platform responsibly to avoid negative impacts on their mental health. Take heed of the app’s ‘time to switch off’ prompts, as this can help signify when it’s time to take a break and reset.”