Georgia's Top Five Careers Feeling Most Anxious about AI

Journo Research

Wednesday, January 10th, 2024

  • Georgia lawyers are the most worried about advancements in AI, according to a new study.

  • Artists, accountants, doctors, and data analysts round out the top 5.

  • The research examined online search data relating to multiple job roles to determine the careers wariest of AI in the United States. 

New data reveals the top five jobs most anxious about AI in America.

The study, conducted by GenAI customer support experts DevRev, analyzed online search data for terms relating to a list of careers – including ‘AI impact on...’, ‘will AI replace...’, and ‘how will AI affect...’ – to determine Georgia's top five jobs most at risk of advancements in AI. 

#1 - Lawyers

Lawyers are the #1 most cautious of AI in the U.S. AI is used in law practice to review and analyze large volumes of legal contracts, research relevant law case studies, and communicate with clients through chatbots. However, the absence of human input can often lead to biased results depending on the data.   

#2 - Artists

American artists are the #2 career most worried about advancements in AI. To name a few examples, AI can create book covers, album art, and music videos within a short space of time. However, the generative artificial intelligence tools used in this process gather data from existing work without the original creators’ consent and without crediting them personally or financially. 

#3 - Accountants

Accountants take #3 place in the United States. AI is used in accounting firms to generate financial reports and arrange expenses efficiently. Despite these advantages, using AI within accounting can lead to detrimental data breaches from cyber criminals searching for investment decisions.   

#4 - Doctors

Doctors rank #4 in America. AI assists healthcare professionals by helping to spot early signs of disease, collating large numbers of medical images, and scanning patients’ medical records. While this is useful, insufficient malware can overlook examples otherwise seen by doctors, posing a substantial threat to patients’ health.   

#5 - Data Analysts

Data analysts rank #5 in America. AI is used by data analysts to analyze large amounts of data quickly, revealing trends and offering insight into studies, for example. However, artificial intelligence is prone to mistakes and works best alongside human input, as is the case for data scientists.   

The careers most anxious about AI in Georgia












Data Analysts 

A spokesperson from DevRev commented on the findings: “AI has transformed the workplace. In fact, by 2030, it is predicted that 30% of jobs will be automated through various AI technologies, leading many people to worry about their changing roles.”

“This study has revealed that, in America, lawyers are the weariest of advancements in AI, followed by artists, accountants, doctors, and data scientists. However, AI will likely be used alongside humans within these sectors in the future, rather than replacing them completely.”

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