Sen. Ossoff-backed Military Housing Measures Signed Into Law

Dave Williams

Monday, January 22nd, 2024

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Two provisions aimed at helping military families with housing championed by U.S. Sen. Jon Ossoff, D-Ga., have become law with President Joe Biden’s recent signing of the annual National Defense Authorization Act.

Ossoff’s Military Facilities Upgrade Act, folded into the defense authorization bill, calls for upgrading old and failing barracks by giving the military the flexibility to use operations and maintenance funding to replace barracks deemed to be in substandard condition.

The second Ossoff-sponsored military housing provision will change the way the Defense Department calculates housing allowances for junior enlisted service members with dependents to more accurately assess their housing costs.

Ossoff led an eight-month investigation two years ago that called attention to the poor condition of privatized housing at the Army’s Fort Gordon near Augusta. During that time, he said he heard from many military families about the challenges of finding affordable housing in their communities.

“When service members and their families can’t afford to live near the installation where they train and where they’re stationed, that has an impact on readiness,” Ossoff said. “I brought Republicans and Democrats together to pass the Junior Enlisted Housing Affordability Act into law to help junior-enlisted personnel and military families afford housing.”

Last year, Ossoff helped secure resources through the fiscal 2023 defense authorization bill to upgrade barracks, daycare centers, and other facilities for military families in Georgia and across the nation.