Georgia Searched for These Five Websites the Most in 2023, New Study Reveals

Journo Research

Thursday, February 15th, 2024

  • Online shopping giant Amazon is the most searched in every state 
  • Search engine Google takes the second spot in 47 out of 50 states 

Amazon is the most searched website across the U.S. a new study finds. 

The research by web design company Digital Silk analyzed the top 100 websites across the U.S. in 2023, then used Google Keyword Planner to find how much each site is searched. 

Here are the top five websites Georgia residents searched for in 2023:  

Amazon – 135,833 average monthly searches 

The online shopping giant had humble beginnings as a bookstore operating out of Jeff Bezos’ garage. 

Since then, Amazon has grown into a one-stop shop for thousands of brands and items. As a company, Amazon also offer web hosting services and satellite internet, diversifying its portfolio alongside acquisitions of streaming platform Twitch and retailer Whole Foods Market. 

82% of Amazon’s domain traffic comes from the U.S. and in 2023 it was reported to be the 12th most visited website in the world.  

Google – 112,083 average monthly searches 

Founded in 1998, Google is the best-known search engine in the world. Alongside YouTube, Google is one of the most visited websites worldwide. 

A subsidiary of Alphabet, Google offers a variety of services such as email, web browsing, navigation and cell phone operating systems. 

Google rose to prominence with its unique way of ranking search results. Instead of counting the number of times a term appeared on the page, Google analyzed backlinks and relationships between websites to determine relevance. 

YouTube – 75,375 average monthly searches 

The world’s biggest video sharing site, YouTube has over 2.5 billion users each month. 

YouTube has been a subsidiary of Google since 2006 and offers a free version with advertising and a paid subscription service to remove it. It offers a creator fund to channels that reach a threshold of 1,000 subscribers and 400 watch hours in one year, though many creators also utilise sponsorships alongside ad revenue.  



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Yahoo – 70,625 average monthly searches 

Formerly part of Oath and Verizon Media, Yahoo is another search engine that has since expanded into a news portal. 

Yahoo was the former owner of social media site Tumblr and news site HuffPost, however these were sold in 2019 and 2020 respectively. 

Yahoo was the sixth most visited website in the world in 2016, with over seven billion views on its news and media pages. 

Walmart – 58,625 average monthly searches 

In 2022, Walmart was named as the world’s largest company by revenue and is also the world’s largest private employer due to more than 10,000 stores in 24 countries. 

E-commerce has been an essential part of retail since 2020 and Walmart is no different. In 2019, it offered free one-day shipping on select products that met its minimum fee of $35. In 2022, Walmart announced a partnership with film company Paramount, so that it could compete with Amazon.  

Commenting on the findings, Gabriel Shaoolin, CEO and founder of Digital Silk, said: 

“Analyzing the most searched for websites in a given area allows marketers to fine-tune their advertising and also allows companies to track the performance of their brands. 

“The data shows that online shopping and entertainment have the largest searches, with Amazon and YouTube dominating the top 5 in every state. Since 2020, there has been a 23.7% increase in U.S. residents shopping online. In the entertainment space, YouTube saw an average of 2.7 billion monthly users in 2023, and 62% of its U.S. users visit the site daily. 

“Although these sites are known for a primary market, their diverse portfolios and ability to keep up with ever-changing trends will allow them to remain popular in the future.”