New Data Reveals Georgia's Most Loved Designer Fashion Brands - with Louis Vuitton Crowned Number One

Journo Research

Friday, February 16th, 2024

  • As everyone debates the best-dressed celebs at the Grammy Awards, a new study has identified the high-end fashion brands Georgia is most obsessed with.

  • The study analyzed Google searches for designer fashion brands to determine the ones Georgia loves the most.

  • Louis Vuitton is the most sought-after choice when it comes to splashing the cash on fashion, with Coach and Gucci also claiming a spot in the top three.

New research names Georgia's favorite luxury brands – and Louis Vuitton comes out on top. 

The study, conducted by t-shirt brand Chummy Tees, analyzed nationwide and regional Google searches for luxury fashion brands, to identify the clothing lines people are most keen to own. 

Now more than ever attention is on designer brands. Talk of the most admired – and most disastrous – outfits from the Grammy’s is sweeping social media. 

Plus, New York Fashion Week has kicked off what has come to be known as Fashion Month. 

It turns out Louis Vuitton is the label Georgia is most desperate to get its hands on, as it is by far the most searched for, averaging a whopping 118,761 searches per month.

In fact, the French fashion brand is the most searched for designer clothing brand in every state across the US except Nebraska.

Following as the next most favored high-end clothing line in Georgia is Coach, with an average of 48,735 monthly searches, which, although it is still clearly loved, is 59% less than the number of searches for Louis Vuitton.

Residents in 34 other states, including Georgia, Massachusetts and Tennessee, also share the view that Coach is the runner-up.  

Gucci ranks third in Georgia with an average of 45,463 monthly searches. The fourth and fifth most popular luxury brands are Michael Kors and Tory Burch, with 44,108 and 42,977 average monthly searches.

Top 10 designer brands in Georgia, ranked 


Designer Brand

Avg. Monthly Searches


Louis Vuitton









Michael Kors



Tory Burch



Marc Jacobs



Ralph Lauren



Kate Spade








Commenting on the findings, Josh Neuman, Founder of Chummy Tees, said: 

“With all the talk about high-end fashion circling at the moment, some Americans may be influenced to treat themselves to something new. 

“However, since it’s likely this will be a purchase that splashes the cash more than usual, there’s more pressure to make sure whatever you pick out isn’t something you’ll regret. 

“Consider whether the clothing item is a worthwhile expense. Are you going to be able to pair it with what you currently own? For example, if it’s a jacket, does it match the trousers and skirts you have in your wardrobe? 

“A good rule of thumb is if you can create at least a couple of outfits, it’s unlikely you’ll ever think back on the purchase as a mistake.” 

“Of course, this doesn’t always have to apply. By all means, if it something you have saved up for a special occasion, go for it.”