Operation Hope CEO John Hope Bryant's Latest Book "Financial Literacy for All" Reaches #1 on Amazon for Economice Prior to April 16th Release

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024

Operation HOPE announced today that "FINANCIAL LITERACY FOR ALL," the latest book by its Founder and CEO John Hope Bryant, has reached #1 on Amazon for Economics, prior to its April 16, 2024release. From the best-selling author of "Up from Nothing," "Love Leadership" and"How the Poor Can Save Capitalism," this new book delivers a powerful resource for everyday Americans seeking to build a stronger financial future. Part call to action, part inspiration, "Financial Literacy for All" offers a roadmap to increase prosperity for individuals, families, communities, and our nation, from one of the world's foremost experts.

The book will support establishing a financial mindset that contributes to success and wealth, rather than debt and struggle, and help to answer tough financial questions Americans grapple with daily. The author issues a call to action for public and private sector leaders to help bring financial literacy education to young Americans and working adults while outlining a plan that invites individuals and organizations of every stripe to join this movement for financial self-determination.

Pre-orders are available now through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and, Walmart.