Which Baby Names are the Most Popular in Georgia?

Journo Research

Friday, April 12th, 2024

  • Analysis of Social Security card application data nationwide finds the most popular baby names in Georgia.

  • Noah is the most popular male name, with 630 babies named Noah in 2022.

  • Olivia is the most popular female name, with 544 babies named Olivia in 2022.

New data has found that Noah and Olivia are the most popular male and female baby names in Georgia.

The study, conducted by last names database experts at ourpublicrecords.org, analyzed data on more than 10,000 names given to babies born in 2022 across the US.

The results revealed that Georgia's most popular male name is Noah, with 630 babies named Noah, and Olivia is the most popular female name, with 544 babies named Olivia.

The second most popular male and female names are Liam and Ava, respectively, with 575 babies named Liam and 464 babies named Ava.

Rank Male name Number of males Female name Number of females
1 Noah 630 Olivia 544
2 Liam 575 Ava 464
3 William 495 Charlotte 436
4 Elijah 464 Amelia 417
5 James 429 Emma 366
6 Oliver 391 Isabella 332
7 Henry 340 Harper 324
8 John 340 Sophia 304
9 Samuel 324 Elizabeth 302
10 Asher 308 Nova 287 

On a national level, the most popular male name is Liam, with 20,456 baby boys sharing the name, and Olivia is the most popular female name nationally, with 16,573 babies named the popular female name.

The second most popular male name in the US, as a whole, is Noah, with 18,621 babies named this, and Emma is the second most popular female name, with 14,435 females named Emma.

Commenting on the figures, Kushal Tantry, CEO of ourpublicrecords.org, said: “These figures offer a fascinating insight into the attitudes of parents when it comes to naming their children in Georgia.

“Whilst names have become more diverse and personalized over the years, reflecting the changing cultural landscape and individual preferences of parents, traditional naming practices still hold significance for many families.

“Zendaya is a great example of a unique name that has seen its greatest popularity in 2022 thanks to cultural inspiration. Georgina is an older, more traditional name that has also greatly increased in popularity, showing how names never really go extinct and how most names will see fluctuations in popularity over time.”