Georgia-based SigmaBroadband Co. Acquires Focus Media

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024

SigmaBroadband Co., an emerging provider of telecommunications solutions, announced the successful acquisition of Focus Media, LLC, technology innovator, system integrator, high-end marketing company, and technology provider. This strategic move underscores SigmaBroadband's commitment to expanding its offerings and strengthening its position in the market.

Focus Media, LLC specializes in delivering intelligent technical solutions to businesses, organizations, and governments, offering access to a variety of heterogeneous information resources and services. Harnessing its proprietary AI technology, Focus Media excels in data analytics and crafting dynamic marketing strategies across various sectors. This self-developed AI prowess perfectly aligns with SigmaBroadband's growth vision, ensuring a robust and multifaceted approach to omni-channel marketing.

The Executive Committee of Focus Media, LLC, enthusiastically welcomes the acquisition, expressing confidence in the synergies it brings. They remarked, “This is an ideal match for our aspirations, as we've been actively searching for the perfect opportunity to deploy our technological advancements and marketing intelligence to drive accelerated growth very quickly. Partnering with SigmaBroadband Co. allows us to work alongside a true collaborator, amplifying our impact and propelling our shared vision forward”.  “We’re very excited.”

Jeffery A. Brown, CEO of SigmaBroadband Co., underscored the strategic significance of Focus Media technology to expand sales into targeted Telecom/Broadband markets. "Upon engaging with the Focus Media team, their expertise in data analytics, and tech development utilizing AI became evident," remarked Brown. "It became clear that their team of seasoned IT professionals would provide invaluable guidance to help us achieve our marketing objectives. Focus Media emerged as the natural choice for us—a seamless fit.

With their expertise in lead generation, supported by precision-targeted marketing, and a demonstrated track record in omni-channel marketing and delivery systems, Focus Media equips us to cater to the requirements of underserved broadband customers hampered by outdated technologies. As our chosen partner, Focus Media is instrumental in closing this gap and ensuring we meet the evolving needs of our clientele.

With this acquisition, SigmaBroadband Co. cements its position as a frontrunner in the telecommunications industry and marks the beginning of a dynamic era of AI related Innovation. Our steadfast commitment to groundbreaking solutions remains unwavering, and by teaming up with Focus Media, we are primed to spearhead transformative changes in the industry, driving us towards unprecedented growth and achievement.