JMS Burn Center at Doctors Hospital is First in U.S. to Use New Technology to Regenerate Skin Cells for Wound and Burn Patients

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Wednesday, June 12th, 2024

Surgeons at the Joseph M. Still (JMS) Burn Center at Doctors Hospital recently performed the nation’s first procedure using next generation technology that leverages the regenerative properties of a patient’s own skin, offering a superior alternative to traditional skin grafting methods. 

“As the largest burn center in the country, we are incredibly proud to be the first to utilize this groundbreaking skin regeneration technology,” said Joanna Conley, CEO of Doctors Hospital of Augusta. “This first-in-class innovation for wound care management and skin restoration exemplifies our unwavering commitment to pioneering advancements that enhance the quality of life for our patients. By offering improved healing, reduced pain, and fewer required procedures, we are setting a new standard in patient care.” 

The technology, RECELL GO, requires significantly less donor skin, resulting in reduced pain for patients, faster wound closure, and enhanced aesthetic outcomes. Patients often need fewer procedures for definitive closure and experience a reduced length of stay in the hospital for burns covering less than 50% of the total body surface area. The first procedure was performed by Dr. Zaheed Hassan on May 31 at the JMS Burn Center at Doctors Hospital.

Dr. Zaheed Hassan, President of Joseph M. Still Burn Centers, Inc. and Chairman of Burn and Reconstructive Centers of America said, “We are excited about RECELL GO’s recent FDA PMA supplement approval and its ability to streamline the preparation of RECELL. We look forward to utilizing this additional technology to assist with our use of RECELL for the benefit of our patients.”

The technology features streamlined preparation of spray-on skin cells as well as the ability to generate more skin using the patient’s own skin.  

Local media is invited to join us on Thursday, June 13, at 11:30 am at the JMS Burn Center at Doctors Hospital for a demonstration and an interview with Dr. Shawn Fagan and Joanna Conley about the technology.