Lt. Governor Jones Comments on Rising Property Tax Assessments

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Wednesday, June 12th, 2024

Today, Lt. Governor Burt Jones issued a statement on recent property tax assessments and the longstanding issues with local property taxes.

“During the 2024 session, I was proud to prioritize property tax reform legislation as part of our ongoing efforts to keep costs low for Georgia families. Monthly costs for Georgians, from the north Georgia mountains to the coast, continue to rise. During record high inflation, skyrocketing debt and expenses rising every day, local governments should be focused on bringing costs down – not letting them increase.

On the November ballot, voters will vote on a constitutional amendment that, if enacted, will place an annual cap on the amount by which home values can rise for property tax purposes.  This is a solution that will ensure your property taxes are determined in a transparent and fair way. This proposal is not a mandate and local governments can choose to opt out of this cap only after announcing their intention to do so and holding a series of public meetings. While this opt-out measure is included, it would be disappointing to see local governments utilize it.

By opting out of a measure intended to save Georgian’s money, local governments would be prioritizing revenues over Georgia citizens. I encourage all Georgians to reach out to their local government officials and let them know how important an annual cap on their property tax bills is to their household budget.”