My Home Communities Announces MHC University

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Tuesday, June 11th, 2024

My Home Communities is pleased to announce its new MHC University. This builder training platform provides current and prospective employees with the necessary education for superintendent and home builder roles.

The program, unique in its comprehensive approach, guides participants through every aspect of the home building process. It leverages innovative tools such as video tutorials and flashcards. Enrolled participants can conveniently access these resources throughout the day using individual login credentials or the MHC University app. Upon successful completion of the training and a comprehensive review test, the employee is awarded a prestigious diploma from MHC University, a testament to their in-depth understanding of the construction process.

“We are excited to launch this program and bring new faces to the construction industry,” said My Home Communities, President Jacob Prather. “There is a shortage of skilled labor in the field, and MHC University will provide the necessary education to help close that gap.”

According to the National Association of Home Builders, almost 90% of home builders are grappling with a shortage of carpenters and 85% reported a shortage of subcontractors in other trades. Furthermore, there is a critical shortage of construction superintendents. These superintendents play a pivotal role as field leaders, overseeing the construction process and ensuring that projects are executed to the highest standards from inception to completion.

The gap in the construction workforce is caused by a combination of several factors. Becoming a skilled superintendent often takes years of on-the-job training, which creates a barrier to entry. An aging workforce is now edging towards retirement and taking a wealth of knowledge with them. Due to expensive training programs, becoming a superintendent can also feel daunting and unobtainable. For many individuals, that deters their interest in joining the industry because moving up seems unachievable.

My Home Communities is working to address these issues through the MHC University program by providing a competitive education to entry-level employees. By offering resources to its employees, the home builder is building a future of efficient, safe construction and offering a new generation a chance to continue pushing the industry forward. The knowledge gained allows employees to feel confident and work hard towards more responsibility in the future.