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Cléa Hernandez is a Savannah-based writer and communications specialist who serves up breaking business news for metropolitan Georgia. After earning a Philosophy degree from Fordham University, she forgot how to do everything but write and ask too many questions. So she became a journalist. Since then, Ms. Hernandez has written for local and national publications, non-profits, higher education, marketing firms, and big business. A recent escapee from the northeast hustle, the south summoned her with a whiff of collaborative innovation and authentic new enterprises.


  • The Science of SelecSource’s Tailored Staffing Solutions

    Features, September 03, 2014

    Back in 2006 when SelecSource – an Atlanta headquartered staffing agency – saw Home Depot’s expansion to Pooler, they knew that following this major client of theirs to the Savannah area would prove wise. Once opening their own office in Pooler to offer professional, skilled, and commercial staffing solutions to the community, the only surprise lay in the absolute perfection of the fit.