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Curt Fowler is the President and Founder of Fowler & Company, a business advisory firm founded to help its clients maximize the value of their organizations. Curt is a Certified Public Accountant and earned his Masters in Accountancy from the University of Georgia. He also earned an MBA in Strategy and Entrepreneurship from the Kellogg School at Northwestern. He has spent 20 years studying and learning from some of the best businesses in America including Verizon, Sara Lee, Cox Communications and many more.


  • 3 Steps to Avoid Mistaking Goals for Strategy

    Features, November 03, 2014

    Mistaking goals for strategy occurs when a leader throws out a big stretch goal and attempts to motivate and inspire his troops into making it happen with no real plan or strategic advantage to accomplish the goal.

  • Do Customers Buy Because of Your Core Values?

    Features, July 07, 2014

    As we've discussed in previous posts, customers buy brands and they pay more for brands that they want to be associated with. But, it's not just your logo and advertising that creates your brand.

  • 4 Steps to Facing the Challenge in Strategy

    Features, June 13, 2014

    Strategy is a way through a difficulty, an approach to overcoming an obstacle, a response to a challenge. If the challenge is not defined, it is difficult or impossible to overcome it.

  • Curt Fowler on How GE Uses Lean Innovation

    Features, May 06, 2014

    Lean innovation is not just for startups. According to a recent Harvard Business Review article by Brad Powers, GE is implementing lean innovation principles into its appliance division as it attempts to prove that it can bring manufacturing back to the US and compete successfully.

  • The #1, Best Exercise To Do With Your Team

    Features, April 14, 2014

    One of the hardest things about building trust in work environments is that there can always be ulterior motives to any good deed we do. We need each other at work. So, how can we do good for someone at work without expecting anything in return?

  • 3 Steps to Setting Great Objectives in Your Business

    Features, March 04, 2014

    A great shooter picks his first target, hits that target and then moves on to the next. We must do the same in our organizations. Pick the most important target, nail that target and then, and only then, move to the next. Georgia CEO Contributor Curt Fowler shares some strategic objectives for success.

  • The Gift of Margin - 3 Ways to Get You Some

    Features, February 13, 2014

    Margin in life is truly a gift and most of us have so little these days. Margin in our calendar gives us time to listen to a friend. Margin in our finances allows us to help a friend, or help ourselves. It is also keeps us out of debt and reduces stress.

  • What is Strategy?

    Features, January 30, 2014

    Despite all the consultants in the world wanting you to believe that you could never comprehend strategy at "their level", strategy is quite simple. Strategy is simply a plan to get from point A (where you are at today) to point B (where you want to be at a future date). Curt Fowler shares how all of us use strategy each and every day, even for the simplest of things.