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Ivan Widjaya is the Founder/CEO of a small business blog, NoobPreneur, a small business online magazine, OnSMB, and several other business blogs/online magazines. He is a Web publisher, Web property investor, blogger and Web property builder.


  • Customer Service Matters Much More Than You May Think

    Features, March 03, 2014

    Customer service is a big “elephant in the room” for so many businesses out there. It’s really not easy to train yourself or your employees with the virtues required to be a well-rounded, service-minded personality – a person with all the necessary attributes to make patrons to your business happy each and every time.

  • If You Want Entrepreneurial Success, Learn to Embrace Failure

    Features, September 24, 2013

    First off, let me tell you this: I fail – a lot… and I’m ready for more failures. Before you say, “Are you out of your mind,” let me explain a bit. I hate the feeling of failure. Nobody likes to fail. But I learned during my entrepreneurial career that if you want to achieve entrepreneurial success, you need failures. You need to fail and the more you fail, the closer you are to your goal.