Invest Northern Ireland to Showcase Region’s Tech Sector in Atlanta This Week

Staff Report

Monday, March 27th, 2023

Next week, a delegation of technology firms from Northern Ireland will arrive in Atlanta on trade mission to deepen its connection with the state of Georgia.  

Northern Ireland is the #1 international investment location for US cyber security firms and is the world’s #2 region for fintech inward investment.  Belfast has been named one of the world's top 15 Digital Economies of the Future* In fact, Georgia-based Aflac opened a Global IT and Cyber Security Innovation Centre in Northern Ireland in October 2019.  

“This is an exciting time for Northern Ireland. Our strong local base of software engineering skills has supported the growth of both local and international companies which have developed a dynamic ecosystem of tech innovation.  Demand for products and services from Northern Ireland tech companies is high and our companies successfully export across the globe.” said Andrea Haughian, Executive Vice President, Head of Americas, Invest Northern Ireland. “We are delighted to bring this trade mission to the great state of Georgia to explore the potential synergies that exist between our two global tech hubs.”  

Some of the indigenous Northern Ireland-based companies visiting Atlanta next week include: 

AuditComply. A leading enterprise risk management and auditing platform that provides clear visibility into an organization's risk profile. The platform is designed to be deployed across an entire enterprise in minutes, without a re-coding or lengthy onboarding processes. AuditComply customers are situated in over 100 countries throughout the US, UK, EU, Middle East and Asia Pacific regions.  

Datactics. A leading provider of self-service, AI-augmented data quality solutions, the Datactics platform provides ‘bottom up’ measurement of large volumes of messy data from business-critical systems and reports on the quality, according to industry standard dimensions. Datactics also help firms to integrate alternative sources of data that often lack standardization and common identifiers – as well as dealing with data quality issues related to ESG.  

RegTick. Offering an intuitive, immersive, and fully integrated platform, RegTick creates a simple, clear path for organizations to comply with complex regulations, reducing costs as well as increasing confidence and transparency that regulations have been met. Designed for the financial services, health and insurance sectors, RegTick’s growing library automates compliance with standards such as GDPR, ESG, Operational Resilience, Consumer Protection, LIBOR, BCBS239, and ISO 27001.  

Ocula Technologies.  95% of customers abandon their session before purchasing. The Ocula Boost AI platform addresses this problem by providing personalized, actionable insight to help improve customer experience, accessibility and performance – and ensure sales teams are focused on the right areas. The Price Optimization insight module provides commercial teams clear ticket price recommendations to grow both revenue and attendance.  

Instil. A software engineering consultancy, Instil specializes in the creation of bespoke software solutions and developer training for some of the best-known organizations around the world. Some of their key services include product engineering, cloud migration and digital transformation training.   

Niice. A brand asset manager for in-house creative teams, Niice brings all brand and design contributors together in one scalable, cloud-based hub that eliminates the chaos of high-volume design delivery while reducing the effort associated with maintaining large, complex asset libraries.