John Brock Retiring as Former Coca-Cola Enterprises CEO

Staff Report From Metro Atlanta CEO

Friday, November 11th, 2016

Coca-Cola European Partners plc announces the appointment of Damian Gammell as the company’s Chief Executive Officer, effective 28 December, 2016. He is expected to be appointed to the Board of Directors in December. Gammell will succeed John Brock, who has decided to retire after the successful merger to create Coca-Cola European Partners and a distinguished international career in the consumer goods industry.

Gammell is currently Chief Operating Officer of Coca-Cola European Partners. Prior to this, he served as Chief Executive Officer of Anadolu EFES, one of the world’s largest beverage companies and Chief Executive Officer of Coca-Cola Icecek, the world’s fourth largest Coca-Cola bottler. During his 25-year career with the Coca-Cola system, Gammell served as head of The Coca-Cola Company’s operations in Germany and Russia, and worked in parts of Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

“The Board of Directors would like to thank John Brock for his leadership in establishing the strong foundation from which our new business operates,” said Sol Daurella, Chairman. “John and Damian were both instrumental in the creation of Coca-Cola European Partners. Damian is an exceptional leader who has the vision, experience and dynamism we need to transform and grow the business into the future. Our Board of Directors has every confidence in him and his ability to drive long-term growth and shareowner value. Together, John and Damian will ensure a smooth transition, and we have the right leadership to ensure Coca-Cola European Partners is well placed to realise its potential.”

“The non-alcoholic ready-to-drink beverage category in Western Europe represents significant potential for growth. We have created the platform to capture that opportunity and already begun to see benefits coming from the merger. I know that with Damian as its leader, the company is ready to build on this momentum and realize the opportunities that lie ahead,” said John Brock, Chief Executive Officer.

“Driven by the needs of our customers and focused on how we serve our local markets, Coca-Cola European Partners will unlock the opportunity that exists in this category and win in Western Europe,” said Damian Gammell, Chief Operating Officer. “It will be an honour to lead this company and work alongside some of the best people in the business and the world’s most loved brands, aligned behind one roadmap for success.”