Atlanta-Based WM Events Celebrates Lucky 13 Years Designing Corporate and Private Events

Staff Report From Metro Atlanta CEO

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

Following a successful career launch in Denver, Colorado, William Fogler headed due east to Atlanta where he founded the eponymous WM Events in 2004. For the past 13 years, Fogler and his team of creatives have designed and produced award-winning events for the likes of Microsoft, Kimberly-Clark and Chipotle, as well as fundraisers for large and small nonprofits and wedding celebrations for the most progressive clients and celebs on the scene—with no signs of slowing down.
From planning to production and logistics, WM Events brings both a discerning creative eye and a fresh point of view to provide clients with unique, pitch-perfect experiences tailored to their desires—and often beyond what they could have imagined. It’s a core strength for the team that has made WM Events a rising star on the events scene for well over a decade.

“Our joy is concepting and then executing each special element of an event so that both the tiny details and big picture surprise and delight at every turn,” said Fogler, principal of the company. “Whether planning a large corporate meeting or an intimate gathering, we consider the forest and the trees.”

Those “trees” have meant everything from creating a handcrafted magnolia to bring an Old South theme to life at a biennial conference in 2013 to crafting an interactive paintbrush wall for an urban art-themed event. Nothing is considered impossible thanks to the team’s proactive efforts—incorporating elements pulled from their very own blooming garden, dedicated workshop and vast warehouse teeming with a collection of unique supplies, all of which augment the company’s relationships with vendors around the country.

“Beyond our working relationship with the best caterers, lighting companies and other suppliers, we have the ability to fashion one-of-a-kind event décor from our own company inventory to create completely customized elements for each and every client we work with,” Fogler said.

And by staying on top of industry trends like Virtual Reality and interactive team-building activities, WM Events has become a top resource for today’s corporate meetings and events. The cutting-edge nature of the company is not surprising considering the broad diversity of ideas, skillsets and individual backgrounds of the WM staff under Fogler’s experienced leadership.

“I’m thrilled at the way the members of our WM Events team are able to contribute their individual talents and insights when making each event an exhilarating experience for the client, and for us too,” said Fogler.