Apptega Partnership with Novatech Brings its Cybersecurity Management Platform to 20K+ Businesses

Staff Report From Metro Atlanta CEO

Wednesday, July 31st, 2019

Apptega, an award-winning cybersecurity management platform, announces a key strategic partnership with Novatech, a leading managed IT service firm for cybersecurity and cloud solutions.

Known for its work with healthcare, financial services, and government organizations, Novatech uses Apptega’s cloud-based platform to win new security clients, increase its own team efficiencies, and deliver visual insights and progress updates to their customers. With Novatech’s vast network of more than 20,000 clients, Novatech’s team needed a comprehensive, intelligent cybersecurity platform to build on their unparalleled client results.

Apptega is a member company of the Advanced Technology Development Center’s ATDC Signature portfolio.

“One of the biggest decision-making factors in partnering with Apptega was its multi-tenant functionality. We turned to Apptega for the ability to track, collaborate, document progress, and manage budgets for multiple clients all in one dashboard, so our team can move the needle and give our clients the care and control they desire,” said Dave Moorman, President of Managed IT Services.

Critical to Novatech’s multi-tenant use, Apptega’s breakthrough product development, Harmony, Intelligent Framework Mapping, enables Novatech to combine multiple cybersecurity frameworks such as SOC 2, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, and NIST together into one program, reducing duplicative efforts and redundancies. More recent product breakthroughs such as Task Packs deliver an importable list of 50 to 600-plus tasks for any associated framework; instead of creating tasks manually, Novatech can leverage Task Packs to save hundreds of hours of time and allow team members to focus on the correct implementation and remediation activities.

“It’s invaluable for our clients to visually see Novatech’s work,” Moorman said. Before Apptega, our clients never had a great gauge of our team’s progress. Now, with Apptega’s care for visual enhancements like speedometers, gauges, and graphs, Novatech clients can visually track our work for them and fully grasp their business’s progress from 16 percent HIPAA compliant to 95 percent compliant over time, as an example.”

The announcement comes at critical time where both companies are in key stages of hyper-growth with Novatech’s acquisition in April 2019 and Apptega’s successful funding.

“We’re winning more deals and more clients through our partnership with Apptega. When going up against our competitors, clients see we have a platform,  a plan, and a visual roadmap inside of Apptega,” said Moorman.

“Our partnership with Novatech is making a direct impact on how the world will tackle cybersecurity in the upcoming decades,” Apptega CEO Armistead Whitney said. “Novatech’s national customer base and Apptega’s partner-friendly platform wields power and impact that will create a ripple effect across multiple industries.”

Novatech joins a wave of other elite companies partnering with Apptega in 2019. Apptega is industry-recognized as the leading cybersecurity management platform, giving clients a never-before-seen way to easily design, implement and report cybersecurity with a simple and intuitive user experience layered over patent-pending, proprietary technology.