Emrgy Partnering with GE Renewable Energy

Staff Report From Metro Atlanta CEO

Wednesday, July 31st, 2019

Emrgy — a member company in the Advanced Technology Development Center’s ATDC Signature portfolio — signed an agreement with GE Renewable Energy to partner for the manufacturing and sales of Emrgy’s solution.

Through this partnership, Emrgy’s hydropower turbines will be manufactured at a GE manufacturing facility, and GE will also begin to offer Emrgy’s product among its suite of hydropower solutions in select markets worldwide.

“This partnership combines cutting edge technology and innovation with world-class manufacturing and sales capabilities,” said Emily Morris, Emrgy’s founder and CEO. “It aligns perfectly with my vision for redefining hydropower and more broadly, energy generation and delivery worldwide. I am thrilled to work with GE to grow our marketshare and serve more customers across the world with clean, reliable electric power.”

The partnership highlights Emrgy and GE’s commitment to making hydropower as flexible, reliable and cost-effective as possible.

To accomplish this, GE will:

Manufacture Emrgy’s product at a GE facility, adding expertise and decreasing manufacturing costs

Immediately begin selling Emrgy solutions in Brazil, China, Philippines, and Kyrgyzstan

Identify potential international markets and sell Emrgy’s product in those select markets

Emrgy will continue to maintain its customer growth domestically and in other international markets, maximizing sales opportunities across the globe.

With this partnership, Emrgy will expand its ability to deliver clean, exceptional power to its customers worldwide.